Finding great engineering candidates, qualifying them, and converting them to successful hires is a challenge for most tech companies. You need to be as efficient as possible to get the best engineers from “outreach” to “offer” before you lose them to a competitor. This requires attracting the right candidates and moving them through your hiring funnel as quickly and efficiently as possible.

To solve the initial objective of identifying & connecting with relevant candidates, Triplebyte has released a new feature called Magnet, which essentially automates top-of-funnel sourcing, outreach, and qualification efforts. We’ve successfully rolled it out to early beta customers who have reported an average of 70 hours saved per hire! 👀 

Scale your recruiting bandwidth ↗️

As one of the first companies to use Triplebyte Magnet, AkitaBox was able to onboard their first hire within just a month of using the platform… twice as fast as what was previously possible for their company! 

“We signed up in February, and our first hire started before the end of March. We cannot say enough great things because it just really allowed things to move so much quicker and more efficiently for us. This has been such an easy process to source and find quality candidates that are responding so that we're able to move forward in our process quickly." –Amanda Monoski, HR Manager at AkitaBox

AkitaBox is a SaaS startup in the facilities management space. Their team of 50 includes 10 engineers responsible for developing & maintaining the platform and just one HR Manager supporting the entire company’s hiring needs. Like many tech startups, they have aggressive growth goals and limited bandwidth. With at least 5 more engineering roles to fill by the end of the year, AkitaBox’s HR Manager, Amanda is relying on Triplebyte to fill her pipeline with quality talent.

Focus on high-signal candidates 🔍

Before Triplebyte, AkitaBox engaged a variety of recruitment agencies to scale their internal sourcing capabilities. But nearly every agency-sourced candidate lacked the required technical skills to be relevant to AkitaBox’s engineering team. Identifying & qualifying high signal technical candidates was time-consuming, inefficient, and difficult. Recruitment agencies proved unsuccessful, and sourcing via LinkedIn Recruiter required too much time and effort.

Having success as a current customer themselves, a colleague referred AkitaBox’s president to Triplebyte as a solution to their pipeline goals. Impressed by the quantity of skilled, relevant engineers surfaced from their very first search on the platform, AkitaBox immediately recognized the value it would bring to their hiring process. With Triplebyte, they’ve been able to focus their time and efforts on high-quality, engaged candidates who fit their hiring criteria–with assessment data to back up their decisions. This allows their team to identify and move forward with the best candidates with less effort and better hiring outcomes.

“We are going to continue to use Triplebyte for all the engineering hires that we need. We love the tech screens because they give us an idea that the candidates are really familiar with our tech stack. It easily saves me at least two to three hours per week, which is awesome for me as a one-person HR team.”  –Amanda Monoski, HR Manager at AkitaBox

Identifying relevant candidates and vetting their technical skills used to be a timesuck, but Triplebyte has put this process on autopilot for teams who need to move fast while maintaining high standards for who gets hired.

Push-button → get warm candidates 📥

For technical recruiters like Amanda, the greatest time savings from using Triplebyte start at the top of the hiring funnel. Magnet removes the need to manually search, scroll through profiles, scan resumes, and send cold outreach messages. Instead, the platform leverages skills-based data to match their open roles with the most relevant, qualified candidates, confirm their interest in the role, and add them to a queue of warm candidates for the recruiter to review and message.

Automating these initial steps of the recruiting process unburdens recruiters from wasting time with irrelevant candidates so that they can instead focus on providing a great hiring experience for their team and their candidates. This results in more efficient hires, happier interviewers, and greater odds of winning the best talent. See how you, too, can turbocharge your efforts with Triplebyte Magnet today. Schedule a demo.


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