Triplebyte was founded to fix technical hiring by focusing on technical skills instead of resumes. We’ve spent the last five years building comprehensive technical assessments and conducting 40,000+ technical interviews, and we’ve trained our assessments on that data to identify strong engineers who are likely to perform well in technical interviews. Using this background-blind skills signal also helps teams expand diversity of their talent pipeline, and find hidden gems who are often overlooked in traditional resume screens.

Today, we’re making our proprietary assessments available to every hiring team that wants to use them, for free. The assessments are available as part of our new free screening tool called Triplebyte Screen. Recruiters, hiring managers, and startup founders can use Triplebyte Screen to find great engineers among their applicants regardless of resume or credentials.

Screen includes 9 pre-configured assessments (Full-stack, Front-end, iOS, Machine Learning, and more). Hiring teams can quickly send the relevant tests as an automated (or manual) email to applicants. Once applicants complete a test, the hiring team receives a skills report that includes ratings on role-relevant areas, like Front-End Knowledge and Programmatic Problem-Solving, that make it easy to shortlist top candidates. This flow works with any ATS (Greenhouse, Lever, etc.), and without one as well.

Hiring teams at companies like Coinbase, Flexport rely on Screen for accurate skills measurement. Candidates are evaluated against a global talent pool of over 200,000 engineers. Using Screen also reduces human bias in the hiring process by giving engineers from non-traditional backgrounds the same opportunity to showcase their skills.

Engineers appreciate that our tests take just 30 minutes and yet cover a broad set of skills. This is why our assessments boast >80% test completion rates. Test-takers also receive personalized feedback on their strengths and areas of development.

Triplebyte Screen is absolutely free for any company or hiring team to use. We invite test takers to join the Triplebyte community, so offering this product for free helps us build our membership.

It’s easy to start using Screen. You can sign up here with your work email, then simply choose any of the 9 pre-configured tests and start screening.

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