Thousands of engineers and tech companies interact with the Triplebyte platform on a daily basis. As this economic downturn has progressed, we’ve heard exactly what issues engineers and tech companies are facing. From the tough situations, like engineers losing their jobs due to layoffs, to some silver linings, like healthcare and logistics startups seeing unexpected growth, there are tons of changes happening in tech. This week, we launched three product features to help engineers find jobs, and a new program to help students whose summer internships were impacted:

'Actively Hiring' filter on our jobs directory

The problem:

In the current environment, job seekers need a targeted approach to reaching out to the right companies. They need to know which companies are most actively hiring so they can focus their efforts, instead of spending time on traditional job boards applying to companies that are not actually hiring anymore.

Triplebyte solution:

A new Actively Hiring search filter on our Jobs Directory allows engineers to find companies that have been most  active in engaging with candidates on our platform within the last 7 days. Triplebyte members can favorite these companies, which highlights their profile to recruiters.

Impacted by COVID and Company Layoffs tags / search capability

The problem:

Unexpected layoffs have suddenly thrown many talented engineers into the active job market. However, existing channels (LinkedIn, circulating layoff lists, personal networking) are decentralized and cannot directly connect newly laid-off engineers with companies still actively hiring.

Triplebyte solution:

Our platform is already the connection between engineers and tech companies. So we created specific profile tags that offer more transparency about an engineer’s current employment situation. Engineers can apply the (optional) “Impacted by COVID” tag to their profile, and we use our existing data to apply the “Company Layoffs” tag to engineers’ profiles whose most recent employer has been noted as going through layoffs. Companies can also use these tags as filters in hiring searches.

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Introducing... the NEW Triplebyte Community

The problem:

There is no comprehensive space for engineers to combine their professional personas, side projects, current employment, and actual skills. This disconnect is magnified during a job search, and even more so during a pandemic. They must visit various isolated, single-use forums to find open roles, showcase their skills, and collaborate with other engineers.

Triplebyte solution:

Our assessments already offer skills-based credentials for all engineers, and our platform already brings engineers and hiring companies together to fill open engineering roles. We were missing the collaborative networking piece, so we built Triplebyte Community! We observed thousands of engineers to discover what engineers in different stages of their careers value, and how they use networking spaces. We saw engineers...

  • sharing career, company, interview, and negotiation advice
  • offering resume feedback
  • posting job or internship opportunities and giving referrals
  • finding (and offering to be) a mentor
  • collaborating on projects and new startup ideas
  • asking tech questions
  • discussing new developments, current events, and future possibilities in the tech world

Our new Community includes spaces for all of these activities and is fully customizable as we grow. We know that interaction between engineers of all levels—from engineering students, bootcamp grads, and self-taught developers, to senior engineers, engineering managers, and CTOs—benefits everyone. We’re excited to foster that kind of collaboration in this forum. Engineers can join the Triplebyte Community here.

Triplebyte ‘Unternship’ Program

The problem:

Many CS students are facing cancelled internships this summer. They’d prefer to spend this time working and learning to advance their careers, but COVID-19 is interfering with typical summer plans.

Triplebyte solution:

We've put together a series of events and resources for current and newly graduated students: the Triplebyte 'Unternship' Program! The program will help everyone grow their career this summer, even if they don't have a paid internship.

We're kicking things off with a free webinar on Thursday, May 28 at 5pm PST. We'll interview Tido Carriero, current Chief Product Development Officer at Segment and former early engineer at both Facebook and Dropbox, about his experience managing internship programs and hiring interns and new grads. We'll get his advice on what new engineers can do to build their skills and resume this summer, outside of an internship.

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Next steps

As we’ve handled our own company cutbacks and transitioned to fully remote work as a result of COVID-19, we’ve also renewed our focus on connecting engineers with great tech companies. We’re working hard on even more new features that address this unprecedented situation, and we’re just getting started. If you have suggestions on what you’d like to see us build, please let us know in the comments.


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