Growing up in an immigrant family during a time of racial tensions, I felt two things. One, I was different. Two, being different was bad. When I landed in San Francisco to work on my startup in 2007, I felt something different. I felt welcome. That no one cared about what I looked like or where I was from. All that mattered were my ideas and what I was doing to make them a reality. This is the technology industry at its best. Blind to everything but the quality of ideas and action.  

Ammon, Guillaume and I started Triplebyte to make everyone feel welcome in the technology industry. That starts with removing bias from the entry point - hiring processes. Objective and fair hiring processes create diversity. Triplebyte's mission is to realize this by using data and science to replace “gut calls”.

We’ve started by building an alternative to the traditional first hiring step - human resume screening. Resume screening is essentially a proxy for answering two questions. Which companies have you worked at and which college did you attend? Since the first is dependent on the second, there's really only one question being asked. This is not how you achieve equality or diversity.

Instead, we’ve built a background blind, online technical assessment to identify talented people. Thousands of engineers have completed this and found new opportunities on Triplebyte by showing companies what they can do, not where they are from. We've had former oil field workers and high school dropouts find great companies who would have rejected them at a resume screen.

We want to do more of this. Finding talented people from diverse backgrounds and welcoming them to the technology industry. That’s why we’re looking for someone to join us as Head of Diversity to increase the diversity of engineers using Triplebyte. You’ll work with the founders to think up ways to engage with engineers who could most benefit from Triplebyte.

We’re looking for someone that can work on multiple ideas at once. You’ll collaborate with our product and marketing teams to build the Triplebyte brand with inclusiveness and diversity at its core. You’ll organize events that bring people together and you’ll bring your own voice to the, at times, difficult and thorny discussions around diversity in tech.

We can help talented people who lack access to the technology industry with more than just connections to companies. We can provide feedback and guidance on how best to interview, improve your engineering skills and negotiate job offers. We want to provide everyone the benefits and knowledge that come with already working in the tech industry. Making this happen will all be a part of your remit.

If you, or anyone you know, would be excited about working on this with us, please ping me directly, harj@triplebyte. I would love to talk about working together! Here is a full job description.


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